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As you move forward with bringing your book to the world, there are some tools that will makes your life easier. There is also no end to the companies and resources that will take your money without delivering what they promised.

The sites listed here are author tested and approved. Feel free to search through them and use what works for you!

Free Resources Track your sales on Amazon Connect with family, friends and fans Connect with other marketing professionals and genre fans Connect with bibliophiles and see how your book is being received

Promotional Resources GREAT for postcards and bookmarks! A favorite for business cards Great choice for posters or for authors who do not have designing resources

For those of you who went to the LDS Story Maker's Conference, they had a number of fantastic presenters (really, this conference is as good as national ones I have attended, for those of you who are wondering if it's worthwhile next year). Below are the resources from C.S. Bezas class on Public Speaking, Media Kits and resources helping you choose how to present yourself. Click through the (many, many) links to choose what might work for you and your book:

Top Ten Myths About Public Speaking

How to Handle Nerves While Public Speaking

What is a Media Kit?

Building an Author's Media Kit

Creating a Media Kit

What Makes a Good Online Media Kit?

Sample Authors (as Public Speakers) Media Kits
(I've not read any of these authors works, so I cannot vouch for the quality of their writing nor the moral value. These are simply samples of a wide variety of author online media kits.)

Other Public Speakers' Online Media Kits
(notice what you like, what you don't like, what you feel is missing, what you feel they did well)

Sample Planning Timeline

Miscellaneous Information

Additionally, I'm including information below that I emailed to Elana Johnson who'd had a few more questions after our class at the conference. "One-Sheets" are a visual form of a marketing hook that can interest others in having you come speak. They are typically included in a speaker's media kit:

SUMMARIES of One-Sheet components:
EXAMPLES of One-Sheets:

(Here's an additional one that shows great endorsements at the end:

Hopefully this will give you a broad flavor of different approaches, ideas, and helps for any speaking gigs you'd like to drum up. Again, a successful One-Sheet is essentially a mild form of an elevator speech you can send to organizations without you having to pitch in person.

Additionally, finding speaking "gigs" proceeds generally through a four-step process:

1. You call to see who is in charge of scheduling speakers, simply to get their name from the receptionist and a little bit about their title, responsibilities,etc. Then you hang up.

2. You write a short cover letter introducing yourself with a great endorsement in quotes (a kind of a query letter in certain ways), personalizing your presentation(s) for their business' focus. You mention the enclosed One-Sheet (and/or media kit). Mail the cover letter and One-Sheet. (Eventually, you can put together a fuller media kit with a DVD of you speaking, additional glossy pages with tons of endorsements, business cards, etc.)

3. A week after its receipt, you call to speak with said-person in charge of events, mentioning the introduction you had mailed. The purpose is not to sell yourself but simply to introduce yourself and let them know you are interested in serving their organization when they feel the time is right. (The idea is to always, always, always allow them to feel they are in charge and that THEY can decide when to use you.)

4. Later, you periodically drop them notes of something you found interesting to help their business (truly helpful things like articles, research, etc.), plus a few other things like yearly Christmas cards, etc. This is simply to build the relationship into a true professional friendship. (It also obviously keeps your name in their minds.)

Through these ways you're not just focusing on yourself, but on helping build the world/community you live in. It's a win-win situation and within a year of steady effort, you will have built up a nice assortment of speaking possibilities, in addition to gigs delivered. And it's a totally cool way to make a lot of friends!

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