Monday, November 30, 2009

It's that time again: Top 10

Tomorrow is December... Can you believe it? We're almost into 2010.

Siet az ido, which is Hungarian for "Times flies."

Before I jump into the Top 10 I just thought I'd point out that Heather Justesen, author of "The Ball's in Her Court" is doing sweet, daily giveaways on her site if you want to check out her blog at

But without further ado, here is the last list for November bestsellers:

#1- Agent Bishop (this book ain't going nowhere)
#2- 101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes
#3- Tiny Talks, V. 10
#4- MEG
#5- 65 Signs of the Times
#6- Santa Maybe
#7- I Know My Savior Lives, set
#8- Shattered Silence
#9- Old Testament Made easier, Part 1
#10- Stand as an Example, calendar

Monday, November 23, 2009

Top 10... and Great Author Book Trailers!

In conjunction with this week's Top 10, I would like highlight some great author Book Trailers. Malcolm Leal launched his for his book "Faith Among Shadows" and I think you all will love it! Another great trailer is for "Santa's Secret." Feel free to watch both for great ideas on how to make your own videos more fun!

As for the Top 10 List, here it is:

#1- Agent Bishop
#2- 101 Gourmet Cupcakes
#3- 65 Signs of the Times
#4- Tiny Talks 10
#5- Book of Mormon Made Easier, Part 1
#6- I Know My Savior Lives, set
#7- Santa Maybe
#8- Old Testament Made Easier, Part 1
#9- MEG
#10- Stand As An Example calendar

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Workshop #4 Homework

Over the past 4 weeks dozens of Cedar Fort authors have participated in the 4-Week workshop aimed at helping them find and itentify their target audience. This blog is here here to document author messaging.

Who are you?
What value do you bring to your readers?
What do you hope to accomplish?

Your catch phrase should embody ALL this in one word or in one MEMORABLE sentence. This catch phrase should be consistently implemented in all marketing, in author bios and anything that references you or your product (intros, etc).

Leave a comment to post your catch phrase or phrase you are considering for feedback from others. Or look through others' catch phrases for ideas on how to create one for yourself.

REMEMBER: the purpose is to create a "slogan" that helps you and your target audience find each other. Examples: The Cyber Safety Guy, There's Always a Reason to Bake, The Queen of Paranormal Romance, Heroes Come Back Strong, No Day But Today, Just a Spoonful of Sugar, Mexican Food that Will Make You Breathe Fire, Top Hits on a Sax, The Noir King, Spice... With a Little Sugar, etc.

You may not know what any of those are referring to (I made up several of them just now), but you DO know after reading that catch phrase if you're interested in knowing more about the product. That's the point of your catch phrase. To hook your audience with interest from the first time they hear it until they seek you out, investigate you and buy you.

So all authors from Workshop 4, remember to do your homework and post your slogan, or slogan in process that will position you within your own genre.

Monday, November 16, 2009

This week's Top 10

How time does fly! It's time for the Top 10 again. Remember all authors, that this list represents corporate-buyer demand for your book. Authors with new titles, seasonal titles, strong word-of-mouth, events or active promotion show up quickly on this list which is why I publish it... as an indicator to authors actively promoting to see if their efforts are translating into immediate demand. Also, if your book is new, you can see buyer faith in your book and move to support it! If your new book is on the list the first few weeks and then drops off you know it's not selling through even though buyers had faith in the product and packaging, which means your approach to finding your audience is likely off target and could use some adjusting.

Agent Bishop is the perfect example of a book that CFI has orders for week after week due to author efforts. Mike McPheters knows his model and is relentless in working it.

If you are actively promoting and not visible on the Top 10 it is possible that your messaging hasn't taken hold yet. No need to panic. All this list means is that there are a few authors above you who have found a good rhythm and approach for their book. They're in their zone, which doesn't mean your not going to find yours. Wendy Paul went from not even being in the Top 20 two weeks ago to #1 last week and this week she's still up there. So can you pop up that fast when your efforts start synergizing into results.

That said, here's this week's list. A big welcome to all the new faces!

#1- 101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes
#2- Agent Bishop
#3- 65 Signs of the Times
#4- Santa Maybe
#5- Meg
#6- I Know My Savior Lives set
#7- Old Testament Made Easier, Part 1
#8- Book of Mormon Made Easier, Part 1
#9- Tiny Talks
#10- Nephi in the Promised Land

Thursday, November 12, 2009

MORE Whitney Award Nominees

Congratulations to the following authors who are included in the second wave of Whitney Award announcements:

Agent in Old Lace
Shadows of Eden
Santa Maybe
Having Hope
The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters

I wish you all could win, but since you can't... BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The Christmas Season is here! Is there ever a better time to get your book on the minds of shoppers everywhere?

(Hint: NO!)

That's why today's workshop (, keyword SheralynPratt) was on creating events and contests. Are your efforts a buckshot, bullet or laser? Do you have goals and a purpose for your events that are quantifiable? Are you learning what you want and how to get it, or are you just tossing efforts out on the wind with a hope and a prayer and waiting for providence to pour down?

This blog comment section is devoted to events and contests authors are creating to generate interest in their books this holiday selling season.

All those who have watched the workshop, please list your event/contest ad it's quatifiable purpose/goal (defined by you). Then list the either 6 (contest) or 12 (event) required elements and how you are implementing them!

Great job, everyone, and let's sell out of your books this Christmas!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Cedar Fort Top 10... There's a Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On!

Things are ALL shook up this week, which means some authors out there are starting to bust some moves! Good for them!

Remember, this list represents store demand for your books. The Christmas season is coming and stores are stocking the books they know will sell through. Now is the PERFECT time to show stores how you can make them money :)

But without further preamble, here are last week's best sellers!

#1- 101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes, Wendy Paul
#2- Agent Bishop, Mike McPheters
#3- Book of Mormon Made Easier Part 1, David Ridges
#4- The Legend of the Star, Stacey Gooch-Anderson
#5- 65 Signs of the Times, David Ridges
#6- The Ball's in Her Court, Heather Justesen
#7- Twelve Days of Christmas, Encore!, Betty Van Orden
#8- Santa, Maybe, Aubrey Mace
#9- Old Testament Made Easier, Part 1, David Ridges
#10- Old Testament Made Easier, Part 2, David Ridges

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sorry I'm Not Home Right Now, I'm Walking into Spider Webs...

I just wanted to leave a quick note inviting all the authors who watch the workshop videos to send me their "spider webs."

A few of you have already contacted me, letting me know that you've designed your own personal "spider web" and are already putting it into action. That's fantastic!

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, watch the workshops (search: "SheralynPratt" as one word) and you'll find out.

Those of you who have your spiderwebs created already, feel free to scan them and send them to me. I would love to post a few author-sample webs for other authors to see.

Monday, November 2, 2009

BrandSaw Comments and Suggestions!

This blog is dedicated to the comments section. Please place all your BrandSaw feedback and suggestions in the comment area of this blog.

DO NOT email comments and suggestions to a particular person, since no one beyond that person may be privy to your feedback and it may not be addressed.

BrandSaw is at its most elementary here in its infancy, but over time it can grow to be a phenomenal resource that allows you to have all the tools in your hands to accomplish whatever you set out to do with your book within the timeline you create.

And that's when being an author starts being fun...

Cedar Fort Bestsellers—11/2/09

ALL RIGHT! Looks like some of you are shaking things up out there! Last week half of the Top 10 list were books from 2 authors, and Agent Bishop was comfortably resuming its reign at #1.

Well, the #1 spot has a new title and there are multiple new titles to the list! It’s always fun to see things shaken up—so remember, in any given week, anyone can appear on this list!

#1- 65 Signs of the Times

#2- Agent Bishop

#3- Old Testament Made Easier, Part 1

#4- Shattered Silence

#5- Dragon War Relic, The

#6- Twelve Days of Christmas Encore!

#7- Forever Santa

#8- Donkey's Tale, A

#9- Shepherd's Night

#10- Santa Maybe

Congrats again!!!