Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh, This is Going to be FUN!

Yes, you heard me right. Fun, FUN, F-U-N, which means I'm looking for some authors in the mood to party.


Well, I thought it would be fun to throw an author fan party next year... let's say in March, maybe. A girls night out where authors appealing to women's interests get to connect with fans in a night of fun. Ticket price has yet to be determined, but here are the initial thoughts (to which I assume many of you will have suggestions):

The night will feature multiple authors (volunteer to participate in the comments section), and each ticket will include:

* 1 free book by one of the participating authors
* Dinner
* A signing party to get any and all books signed
* The chance to sit with the author of their choice
* Entertainment

I would also like each participating author to contribute a prize fans can (1 prize for 1 fan).

More details to come, so for now please just indicate interest to participate and list suggestions in the comments section where anyone can easily access them.

Hope to see you there!


  1. I'd love to, but it depends on the date since I'd have to travel.

  2. My book will be ready, so I'd love to participate. I'll think about what prize to offer.

    Devan Jensen

  3. I'd be happy to participate. What kinds of prizes are you thinking of?

  4. I am in! I think it sounds like a GREAT idea. Let me think more about suggestions and ideas...

  5. More info to come soon. Still sketching things out, but it should be FUN! If this is done right, I think it could be a great night! Don't you think?

  6. Sign me up! This could really turn into something great and I'll do whatever you need to help make it a success. Great idea!

  7. I'd love to! I'll be in Utah March 13-20th, so obviously one of those days works best for me.:)Sounds like a great idea and fun evening!

  8. Awesome idea! Count me in. I have some awesome items for prizes. For the entertainment, it'd be cool to pool some of our talent, too. Let's have some music--I'd be willing to sing a few songs.
    Will you have author readings throughout the night?
    What about connecting a charity angle to it--like a book drive? Perhaps that'd appeal to a few more people.
    Have someone video and collect clips to star in the "book fan trailer for CFI".
    Okay, I'll keep brainstorming and tossing out ideas, but this sounds like FUN!

  9. Depending on the date, I would be interested, and Nichole might, also. Mormon Mishaps is pretty gender neutral, so I believe we'd fit in.

    And I think Rachelle's ideas are really good, especially the charity idea. Right now, donations for the Red Cross and the International Rescue Committee (for relief in Haiti and other countries)is needed and people might be interested in donating for that. Why not charge a little extra per ticket, which would go as the donation?

    Music is another great idea. With the exception of me, who's only musical talent is to give a whistle to bring the dog inside, there are a lot of talented Cedar Fort authors.