Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Got Articles?

Writing articles for publications is one great way to expand the readership of your books. It allows you to provide valuable information you specialize in to a magazine or other publication. In return, you nearly always get to mention your book in your bio and you might even get paid!

There are some great online magazines that would be a great fit for many cfi authors. A few include:


This, of course, is just a start of online magazines targeted towards an LDS audience, but each is a valid communitee that may be where your target audience is gathering.

Research online magazines you think would be interested in what you have to offer and see what they're looking for. The Desert Saints Magazine tells you the theme of each month so you can better craft your content for them. Maybe you can let them print a chapter or reapproach a chapter in your book to make it a stand alone article that will be exactly what the magazine is praying for. If you do that a couple times in a row, you may jut find yourself with a fun, easy part-time job that continuously exposes readers to your book.

This week's challenge is to find a magazine that needs your content and send them an article (finding a few images they can print, as well). Good things start with small steps!

If you have questions about article writing, a CFI author has recommeded "An Idiot's Guide to Writing Magazine Articles." It helped her and it could help you, too!


  1. Thanks! I've done article marketing on the web and posted articles in directories that then point readers back to my website, but writing for these magazines would better reach my target market.