Monday, April 26, 2010

Author Question: Listing

From Author: Just wanted you to know that my website is ready to be published and I want to have links to sites that will sell the novel. Borders and Amazon already list it as a presale book. But when I search at Cedar Fort, nothing comes up. Some of my friends and family may want to purchase direct from Cedar Fort - so maybe you can have a "coming soon" or presale access point too.

Answer: This is a great request and one we've been working on getting up on the site for a few months.

Right now the practice is to put the book up for sale on a week before we have the book in warehouse. This is done because currently is not set up to accept pre-orders. This issue is being addressed, and I'll let you know as soon as pre-orders are available at Two other notes to consider:

#1- When you spend $35 on your purchase ships for free!!
#2- If you're looking to have sales show up on a national radar amazon, B&N, Borders and other national retailers are a great place to send sales, since these will be reported to the NY Times.


  1. Why doesn't CF ship to Canada? Several of my family members have had a difficult time getting books shipped to Canada from CF, inluding my own.

  2. Hi Jayna,

    According to our shipping department, we do ship to Canada. It just costs extra. Also, amazon and other online retailers ship to Canada and nearly every Canadian chain can order books in through third-party distributors if they want to order it in for the customer. Canadian chains can be picky about what books they choose to carry, but overall, there are a lot of opportunities for customers to order books in if they would like :)