Monday, June 21, 2010

After 12 Years...

NPR had a great article about one of those bestselling authors you've never heard about. After 12 years of writing books, she still pounds the pavement with signings and visits in an effort to be visible:

Authors who are moving and shaking to stay visible through the end of the month are:

22-Jun Tues OTME 11-4 pm Costco-SLC
24-Jun Thurs Agent Bishop 11-4 pm Costco
24-Jun Thurs City of Angels 4-7 pm Costco- S. Ogden
25-Jun Fri Widower's Wife 11-5 pm Costco- St G
25-Jun Fri OTME 11-4 pm Costco- Sandy
25-Jun Fri It's in the Bag 4-6 pm Costco-Murray
26-Jun Sat Dragon War Relic 12-2 pm Borders-Provo
26-Jun Sat 101 cupcakes 12-2 pm DB- Sandy
26-Jun Sat Widower's Wife 11-5 pm Costco-St G
26-Jun Sat OTME 11-4 pm Costco- S Ogd
26-Jun Sat It's in the Bag 1-3 pm BN-Bountiful
26-Jun Sat Becometh as a Child 2-4 pm BN-Layton
29-Jun Tues City of Angels 4-10pm Twilight Mom's-Jordan Landing
29-Jun Tues Unique Stories LDS 11-2 pm Costco-Lehi
30-Jun Wed Widower's Wife 11-5 pm Costco-Lehi

Also, Lorae Bowden, author of Centsible Meals, is using her trip to Utah to teach two classes at the following locations. Everyone is welcome to come!

-June 29th BYU 199th ward 9th E. 700 N. 7pm
-June 30th Lehi 3rd plus another ward 500 W. 1919 N. 7pm

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