Monday, July 26, 2010

Last Week's Top 10

Speaking of Prudence Bice, I don't think it surpises anyone after last week's blog that she takes our #1 slot for the week. The rest are as follows, though:

#1- The Widower's Wife, by Prudence Bice
#2- City of Angels, by Sheralyn Pratt
#3- Shattered Silence, by Melissa Moore & M. Bridget Cook
#4- Zucchini Houdini, by Brenda Stanley
#5- The Old Testament Made Easier, Pt 3
#6- Becoming Kate, by Dixie Owens
#7- 33 Habits of a Really Good Man, by Yvonne Swinson
#8- The Biblical Roots of Mormonism, by Eric Shuster & Chuck Sale
#9- The Hoarders, by Jean Stringam
#10- The Road Show, by Braden Bell

Great work!

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