Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Awards a plenty

Cedar Fort won a bronze award from the Publishers Association of the West. "The Legend of the Star" by Stacy Gooch-Anderson, won in the Children's/Young Adult Book Illustrated category.

Congratulations to the following:
Editor - Melissa Caldwell
Designer - Angela Olsen
Production Manager - Jennifer Fielding
Artist/Illustrator - Glenn Harmon
Printer/Bindery - Wa Fai Printing

Sheralyn Pratt recently won First Place at the League of Utah Writers' Annual Roundup. Sheralyn is the author of the popular Rhea Jensen series. The third book in the series, "City Limits," will be released in October.

Cindy Beck and Nichole Giles won the League of Utah Writers' Silver Quill Award for their book, "Mormon Mishaps and Mischief." Cindy has also published stories in "My Dad is My Hero" and "Cup of Comfort Book of Christmas Prayer." Nichole also wrote, "The Sharp Edge of the Knife."


If you're an author and have won an award recently, let me know so we can give you the recognition you deserve!