Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This weeks signings

We have a bunch of signings this month. Instead of putting the whole month on here (it would fill an entire webpage), I'll be putting weekly schedules up for the remainder of the month.
Please let me know if any of you need anything before the signings.

Thur. Oct. 14th:
Tucker Davis, Murray Costco, 11-4pm
Wendy Paul, Davis Medical Center, 11 am

Fri. Oct. 15th:
Prudence Bice, Lehi Costco, 11-5 pm
Tucker Davis, Orem Costco, 11-4 pm

Sat. Oct. 16th:
Liz Carlston, Seagull Book in Layton, 10 am
Shauna Brown, Seagull Book at South Towne, 10 am
Sheralyn Pratt, Seagull Book in Brickyard, 11 am
Tucker Davis, South Ogden Costco, 11 am
Alicia Buck, Borders on University Ave., 1 pm

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