Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let the Training Begin!!!

Hopefully you're here because you got my email announcing the exciting changes! These will start rolling out next week and largely be in full effect 11/1/09.

This blog is dedicated to authors interested in our 1st Online Marketing Training! This will be a training for all levels of the technologically inclined, showing how to effectively use online tools to market your book. The training will be held online at from 12:00-1:00, starting Wednesday October 28, 2009 and the 4 Wednesdays following. The time was chosen because evening really doesn't work for anyone and those who work can watch on a lunch break if they choose. Everyone who watches live can interact with me live, while those who tune in later can re-watch what happened without interacting.

If you're not familiar with blogTV yet, I think you will fall in love with it... and be shocked that it is FREE!

So, if you wish to join the first online training (meaning you fit the single qualification that you have a CFI book released/releasing before March 2010), please:

-Go to and create an account. Note: create a username that is the same as all your usernames on Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites. Make it easy for fans to find you on ANY site by using the same username on every site so they know when they've found the REAL you. For example, my username is SheralynPratt. Find me before you sign off.

- Return to this blog and post your username and your real name, so I know who I'm looking for in the chat room when I broadcast.

That's it. It's that simple.

Have questions? PLEASE leave them as a comment on this post. If you have the question, chances are other people do to and it would be best to have answers easily viewable to all.

Look forward to working with you!


  1. Username: BrendJAnderson

    Real name: Brenda Anderson

  2. uhm, dial up internet here. The blog tv won't work.

  3. Sounds great.

    My username is AnneBradshaw.
    Real name Anne Bradshaw.

    Sheralyn - if we miss a session, can we find it and play it later?

  4. Yes, you can watch it later as well, Anne!

  5. I'm so excited for this! My username is RachelleJChristensen and let's hope I can get my webcam to work. :)

  6. I'm in.

    Username: berin
    Real name: Zurog the Noseflutist

  7. I've always wanted to speak to a nose flutist. Hi Zurog! :-)

    (Sorry, Sheralyn, couldn't resist - and I'm supposed to be packing boxes!!!!!!! Will now leave this for more serious stuff)

  8. I need a webcam to broadcast (as would you, if you wanted to use blogTV to talk to fans), but I don't know that anyone needs a webcam to join in. I believe viewers simply need to be able to type. I should do a test run to be sure, but don't think you're out if you don't have a webcam!

  9. My username is RachaelReneeAnderson and here's hoping my kids will let me tune in. :)

  10. I'm: username JanetJensen

    Real name: Janet (Kay) Jensen

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  12. I'm in the Eastern time zone and cannot participate at those times. Any chance of this training being recorded and subsequently made available in a format that can be accessed on the web?

  13. OK -- saw that I can watch later. Oops! User name is nehringk, real name is Karl Nehring. Sounds interesting!

  14. Username: CoryPoulson (also real name).

    I work during the cast, so I'll catch it later.

  15. Count me in.
    User name: cindybeck
    Real name: Cindy Beck

    I have a question. In the email you said it would run 4 weeks, but in this post you said it would run Oct 28 and 4 weeks after that, which puts it on the day before Thanksgiving. So, is it actually running 5 weeks?

  16. Username: KerstinDaynes

    Real Name: Kerstin Daynes

  17. Signed up. User name's RobynHeirtzler, real name's the same.

  18. Username: RebeccaIrvine
    Real name: Rebecca Irvine

    That is noon Mountain Standard Time? I think Arizona is currently on a different time zone...

  19. My name is Vicki Lynn Rasmussen and my username is WriteReading. Thanx!

  20. ShirleyBahlmann - real name Shirley Bahlmann

  21. Username - BronBahlmann
    Author name - Bron Bahlmann

  22. I'm in! Username: ChristyHardman
    Author name: Christy Hardman

  23. User name: drwilde
    Author name: Brad Wilde

  24. user name: AubreyMace

    Author name: Aubrey Mace

  25. Sheralyn:

    User name on BlogTV, Twitter, and YouTube: frichrdsn
    Author name: Frank Richardson

    Looking forward to Wednesdays.

  26. Okey dokey
    username: LeeAnnSetzer

    author name: Lee Ann SEtzer
    See you Wed.!

  27. @ Cindy,

    It will be 4 weeks. I mis-typed. I purposefully arranged it to avoid the holiday week. :)

  28. Hi!My user name is DuaneSCrowther. My author name is Duane S. Crowther. I'll look forward to your Wednesday sessions.

  29. Okay--I think you lit a fire under my butt! I finally joined Twitter, after mocking my husband for several months. Now I need something new to mock him with...

    User name for Twitter & BlogTV


    Real name: Terri Ferran

  30. And what better tool to mock him publicly with than Twitter :D Be sure to use popularly searched terms to draw attention to your mockery ;)

  31. Username: RebeccaTalley
    Real Name: Rebecca Talley

    Very excited to do this training!

  32. Sounds awesome!

    Username: JillayneClements

    Real Name: Jillayne Clements

  33. I'm excited about this.

    Username: mrash

    Real name: Mike Ash (Michael R. Ash), author of "Of Faith and Reason: 80 Evidences Supporting the Prophet Joseph Smith"

    I probably won't be able to participate in the live TV but I definately will watch the recorded sessions.

    Now to figure out "twitter" :)

  34. FWIW, I just signed on twitter (with all the usual usernames already gone) under the name of:


  35. I'd love to take the training.


    Ron Miller

  36. User Name Drpret

    Real names Preetham & Bindu Grandhi

  37. User name lindachadwick
    Real name Linda Chadwick

    Cant wait to begin! Thanks Sheralyn

  38. MaryStosich
    Mary Stosich

    Can't wait.

  39. User name: GMPeacock
    Real name: George M. Peacock

    Google name: geoandarlene

    Let's go!

  40. My user name is rachelrager and my real name is Rachel Rager.

  41. My user name is HeatherJustesen, just like my real name.

  42. I am very interested in the training.
    Rich Moore