Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tweet Much?

Okay, all... things are about to get very fun at Cedar Fort and to be in the know you HAVE to be active online. EVERY Cedar Fort author should have read the Author Kit primer I made. (If you haven't, go to and click on the Author Kit tab.)

Every author should have a Facebook and Twitter account at minimum. If you're on Twitter, please take a moment and follow me now. I have signed up under my name, SheralynPratt, and will be using Twitter to announce reviews, news, free classes, free author resources and more!!!

If you don't have Twitter you WILL be out of the loop. It is free, it is easy and all you'll need to do is log in once a day.

To repeat: EVERY author should have access to the internet and Twitter. Don't worry, this will make things fun, easy, simple and easy to track.

Look forward to seeing you on Twitter!!!


  1. Let's see -- first we had to check in to this blog, now we HAVE to be on Twitter. Will Twitter supersede the blog?

  2. Twitter will point you multiple directions including, but not exclusively to, the blog. Twitter will be my tool of informing authors of every tool and fact I believe may interest them.

    Tuning in to Twitter should make life easier for you ;)

  3. When I access my Twitter, it brings up all the tweets from thousands of followers. How do I get to see yours, since I normally only have time to go on there once a day and only see a handful as they scroll down.

    That's the bit of Twitter I don't understand. In order to get people following, don't we have to follow them, and vice versa? That makes for a LOT of followers.

  4. Twitter will list all the "tweets" of people you choose to follow. You are likely following a lot of people and that's why your opening page is full of tweets.

    Easiest way is probably to go to the search box and type: SheralynPratt or #SheralynPratt to see what tweets pop up and if anyof them are new.

    Either that, or cut out all the tweets you don't want to see by unfollowing some of the spammers.

    Great question, Anne!

  5. Thanks, Sheralyn - that works. I've tried cutting some of the names out, but it takes forever, and I haven't got that long :-) I'll delete a few a day - if I can work out who I don't want to follow.