Friday, May 28, 2010

A Lesson in Going Viral from High School Students. Also, Palmyra

As of this posting, this video has been up for 4 days. It was created by high School students (which I'm guessing have AWESOME teachers) and posted online. The campaign to watch it has been entirely through email/FB/Twitter, etc.

Also, look at this one, which has been up 6 months.

These are GREAT videos to discuss on so many levels, since the first one has, in a few short days, received more hits than 90% of all book trailers (at least). The second, clearly has had a great viral run :)

Why are people watching these videos (and why will the numbers keep climbing)?

ALSO, anyone going to Palmyra this year with a desire to sign there? This would be specifically for the pageant 7/9-17/10.

Let me know in the comments as well if you are interested in this.

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