Sunday, May 9, 2010

Win or Donate... or BOTH!

Something about Spring just makes us all want to celebrate and have a little fun, and you can see that by checking out blogs.

Are you ready for this?

Nichole Giles and Cindy Beck are giving away a $150 advertising package on their site: The winner will get a full year of great exposure for the product of their choice! This is a fabulous, fabulous prize and I can only cross my fingers and hope that a CFI author will win it :)

On another site, authors are uniting to raise money for flood victims in Nashville. So for those of you who just have money burning through your pockets, or you want a creative way to donate, check out:

And if you feel like answering a bit of trivia, then you can go to my site at Every day until June 7th, there will be a new trivia question and the first one to get it right gets to pick their prize.

The days are getting longer and warmer, so let's all get out there and have some fun!


  1. Brenda Novak has an online auction to raise money for diabetes and there are a lot of books up for bid, including some CFI titles

  2. Thanks, Rebecca!

    Note to all: always feel free to post anything of this nature here :) We're all in this together!