Friday, August 6, 2010

Worth Checking Out...

First off, the Top 10 sellers this first week of August:

#1- Shattered Silence, by Melissa Moore & M. Bridget Cook
#2- Luck of the Draw, by Rachael Renee Anderson
#3- Zucchini Houdini, by Brenda Stanley
#4- Reluctant Soldier, Reluctant Saint, by Tom Roulstone
#5- Welcome to Stalk Lake City, by Sheralyn Pratt
#6- He Knows You, by Jill Lash
#7- Lipstick Wars, by Christine Thackeray
#8- The Divine Virtues, by Richard Rife
#9- Defensive Tactics, by Steve Westover
#10- Doctrine & Covenants Made Easier #1, by David J. Ridges

Also, author Brenda Stanley (Zucchini Houdini) sent this my way this week, and I think nearly all of you would be interested in checking it out, so I'm posting it here:

I wanted to let you know about our brand-new website, Squeaky Clean
Reads ( It's a website where readers can
rate and review books in the areas of violence, profanity, sexual
content, mature theme, age group, and more! Readers can also leave
"content reviews" which are reviews about any objectionable content that
a book may contain. You can see an example review page here:

Most importantly, though, our site has a "Squeaky Clean Booklist".
Books that are added to this list meet strict content criteria, and are
voted onto the list by readers. These are books that are truly "clean reads".

There are millions of readers searching every day for good, wholesome
literature, and we ahve hundreds of readers coming to our website every
day to get reviews and recommendations for books that they or their
teens should read.

Your book, "Zucchini Houdini", has come to our attention, and were are
interested in your book! Even though your book is a cookbook, we would
love to review it as we feel your book fits wonderfully with our

We just wanted to contact you and let you know that we are always
looking for clean books to give away. If you feel like your book would
be considered a "clean read", and you are ever interested in giving away
a few copies of your book, please feel free to contact us! We will send
you our give-a-way information (we preview every book being considered
for a giveaway, and giveaway books must be approved).

Giveaway books are featured on our homepage, facebook page, blog, Book
Blogs (which is a national organization of book bloggers), and our
bi-monthly newsletter--giving your book as much exposure as possible.
One or two week giveaway books are also permanently added to our website
for review, and are added to our "sponsored books" widget (this widget
is placed on the top 12 performing pages of our website). We have three
giveaway options:

1. 24 hour quickfire giveaway on our Facebook page (1 book minimum)

2. One week publicized giveaway on our Website (2-4 books)

3. Two week publicized giveaway on our Website (5 book minimum)

We hope you will take a few moments to look around our website, and if
you like what you see, we hope to hear from you! We can also send you
our detailed giveaway guidelines if you are interested. Thank you!


  1. Go CFI! And thanks for the info on

  2. Absolutely! Your books are a great fit for that site :)