Friday, August 28, 2009

Something for Everyone!!!

If you haven't completed the assignment on the previous blog, scroll down and check it out. For those of you feeling a little (well, okay, WAY) advanced this weekend, I'll just throw out some food for thought:

Book trailers.

You're going to start seeing more and more of them, I think. It's a great visual way to get your synopsis across and generate interest in your book in a memorable way. Not all books are candidates for book trailers. Some might be better suited for youtube tutorials, like the CFI August releases of Cyber Safety, Celebrate Dinner and 101 Cupcakes. No trailer needed there, but a book like Cyber Safety could greatly benefit from online tutorials showing parents how to install safeguards on their computers and ending by referring that more hints for parents can be found in Ken Knapton's book.

August releases by Cedar Fort that could potentially do a trailer are books like Reiyalindis, Agent Bishop and Shadows of Eden--and by listing these books, I am by NO MEANS telling the authors to go out and make a trailer! Things like that cost money and you have to do some serious math before you decide it's worth the investment.

But as an example, here is Cedar Fort author Steve Alten (publishing under the Sweetwater imprint) who did decide to create a trailer for his book The Shell Game and this is the final product posted to youtube:


  1. Do you know who made it for him.


  2. Do you want me to find out and email you the info?

    One company I've looked into superficially is called Book Candy. I don't know their prices, etc., but my impression is that they would be great to work with based on emails.

  3. Yes do send me the information to preetham @ (minus the spaces)


    To all CedarFort Authors please join Author Pitch a new network to pitch your book to bloggers etc. Here is the link

    Looking forward to see you all there.

  4. I actually did a book trailer for myself. It took some learning but it was lots of fun and turned out pretty good (at least I think so.) It got many people interested in my book too! I think it's a great idea!