Friday, August 21, 2009

Start Your Engines!!!

For the weekend, I decided to provide you with some reading.

As a reference, and hopefully as a help to each and every one of you, I created a pamphlet which you may view on line or print. It is a pdf document that is available on my website. Those of you who have visited my home page before will noticed it has changed. More modifications are yet to come, the goal of today was mainly to change the format and get this little booklet into you hand.

The instructions are easy:

Go to and click on the menu option "Author Kit." It's just that simple.
If you were sad and blue with nothing to do this weekend, hopefully this packet will give you plenty of actioable options that will eventually help you get your book into the hands of those who just don't know they're looking for you yet!

Happy weekend!


  1. By the "Cedar Fort Author Page" on Facebook, are you referring to the Cedar Fort page?

  2. OK -- I found the Cedar Fort Authors page. I'm a bit slow, but I got there. :-)