Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The Christmas Season is here! Is there ever a better time to get your book on the minds of shoppers everywhere?

(Hint: NO!)

That's why today's workshop (, keyword SheralynPratt) was on creating events and contests. Are your efforts a buckshot, bullet or laser? Do you have goals and a purpose for your events that are quantifiable? Are you learning what you want and how to get it, or are you just tossing efforts out on the wind with a hope and a prayer and waiting for providence to pour down?

This blog comment section is devoted to events and contests authors are creating to generate interest in their books this holiday selling season.

All those who have watched the workshop, please list your event/contest ad it's quatifiable purpose/goal (defined by you). Then list the either 6 (contest) or 12 (event) required elements and how you are implementing them!

Great job, everyone, and let's sell out of your books this Christmas!


  1. My contest is here:

    Purpose: To have people place my book trailer on their blogs to expose more people to my book and generate interest.

    1. I've challenged people to place my trailer on their blogs.

    2. Rules are listed at the Writing Fortress blog.

    3. The arena is online.

    4. There isn't necessarily a competition because the winner will be chosen randomly.

    5. It began Tuesday, November 3rd and will end Monday, November 16th at midnight (deadline is posted on the blog).

    6. The prize is a $20 gift certificate at Amazon.

    I've announced this contest on my personal blog, on Facebook multiple times and on Twitter multiple times. I also comment on other blogs regularly.

    This isn't an event or contest, but I also placed a display ad in a newspaper in southern CA whose readership is LDS.

  2. I am looking for anyone who might be willing to do a joint event in Phoenix/Mesa area. Please let me know!

  3. I posted my contest on my blog.

    Direct link:

    Purpose: To get people coming to my blog regularly and excited to learn more about me.

    1. Challenge: Write a favorite Thanksgiving memory in the comment section of my blog.
    2. Rules: Leave a comment.
    3. Arena: Online.
    4. Competion: Winner will be chosen randomly.
    5. Duration: All of November.
    6. Prize: Beauty by Robin McKinley

    I have announced this contest on my blog, website, facebook, twitter, myspace, and goodreads!

    Feel free to stop by and enter!

  4. Rebecca,

    I',m interested in doing something! I live in Buckeye so either Phoenix or Mesa is fine with me!

  5. I'm posting a contest on my blog that starts Nov 16.

    Purpose: To get people coming to the blog, so they'll be aware of my written work.

    Challenge: Leave a comment.
    Rules: Leave a comment about which perfume they prefer. Enter before Nov 20th.
    Arena: Online
    Competition: None, winner chosen randomly
    Duration: Nov 16-20
    Prize: Sampler bottle of Twilight-inspired perfume.