Monday, November 2, 2009

Cedar Fort Bestsellers—11/2/09

ALL RIGHT! Looks like some of you are shaking things up out there! Last week half of the Top 10 list were books from 2 authors, and Agent Bishop was comfortably resuming its reign at #1.

Well, the #1 spot has a new title and there are multiple new titles to the list! It’s always fun to see things shaken up—so remember, in any given week, anyone can appear on this list!

#1- 65 Signs of the Times

#2- Agent Bishop

#3- Old Testament Made Easier, Part 1

#4- Shattered Silence

#5- Dragon War Relic, The

#6- Twelve Days of Christmas Encore!

#7- Forever Santa

#8- Donkey's Tale, A

#9- Shepherd's Night

#10- Santa Maybe

Congrats again!!!

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  1. It's amazing how well Christmas stories are doing already. I've still got Halloween decorations up!