Monday, March 8, 2010

This Week's Signings

Hey there! Until I find a public calendar for all of you to have access to, I will post the weekly signings I have on my radar each Monday. If you see I'm missing yours, feel free to get on my radar.

Also, I know several of you are anxiously waiting to have access to the Author login site on There's just a little thing that needs to be done on the IT side and it should be up. I will send out a massive author email when that is ready to roll out.

Penultimately, UVU has started scheduling authors. All authors have been confirmed with by email, but check that blog for dates. As you can see, UVU has decided not to stick to Thursdays, which is just fine :)

Last of all, this week's signings:

3/8- Mike McPheters: St George Costco, 11-4 pm
3/9- David Ridges: Orem Costco, 11-4 pm
3/9- Mormon Mishaps: Santa Quin Library Fund Raiser
3/10- Wendy Paul: Baking Class
3/11- Frank Cole: Channing Hall, South Towne BN 6-8 pm
3/12- Mike McPheters: St George Costco, 11-4 pm
3/12- Frank Cole: UVU Bookstore, 11-1 pm
3/13- Berin Stephens: Provo Deseret Book, 12-2 pm
3/13- Rachelle J Christensen: Orem BN, 12-2 pm
3/13- Michael Young: Orem BN, 12-2 pm
3/13- Frank Richardson: Orem BN, 12-2 pm
3/13- Guy Galli: Murray BN, 12-2 pm
3/13- Kerstin Daynes: Murray BN, 12-2 pm
3/13- Joe Evans: Murray BN, 12-2 pm
3/13- Terri Ferran: Murray BN, 12-2 pm


  1. Thanks for doing this--it is very helpful!

  2. Thanks for the list. That's nice of you to post it!

    There's another library fundraiser signing for us coming up--Beck, Giles, and Christensen: Payson Library Fundraiser, Mar 23, 4-6