Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What LDS Authors Should Know!

For those of you who do not follow Rebecca Irvine's blog, you may have missed the report she posted last week. She surveyed over 400 LDS readers to find out their buying habits and interests. I definitely recommend all authors look this over and watch future studies to see how habits and interests evolve.

Additionally, this is a great example of having a blog of value. Generating reports like this is something Rebecca does professionally, and she's sharing the wealth of her skills with anyone willing to click on a button. Go Rebecca!


  1. Awesome study! Thanks Rebecca. So, Sheralyn... with all the proof that Deseret Book is the #1 place people go for LDS books, how can we get more copies into more Deseret Book stores? Any suggestions?

  2. Kerstin, that is an awesome question! The answer is the same as it is for regular retailers: you show a company how you can make them money, and the doors start opening. You show up on DB's radar the same way you show up on B&N's, Costco's or any business's--when they give you an opportunity, you make your book a significant part of their sales during that window. You go in with a plan to do this and execute it so that when the managers look over their week and make their reports, you pop off the page like a neon dollar sign.

    That's how you get a company to start stocking your book more heavily :)