Monday, March 1, 2010

Uh, it's March...

Anyone else taken unawares?

The sun's out, it's 50 degrees, Spring is in the air, and I'm voting on Christmas books. Weird.

I just want to take a moment here and thank you all for what you do! Publishing is such a strange beast. We never think (before entering the biz) that writing the books is the easy part--it's the getting thousands or millions of strangers to buy it that's the real pickle.

But just for today, March 1st, I'm going to choose to think on only the good this industry has to offer. None of the stress, none of the labor--only the joy of storytelling. The miracle of sharing of information and visions with each other through streams of connected letters and pages. Really, when you think about it, writing is as big of a miracle as telephones--we've just gotten used to it. Maybe it's even more of a miracle since written words can last through the eons of time, whereas a phone call is gone when it is finished.

So, yes, while there are signings to set up, speaking engagements to garner, articles to write, reviews to generate, parties to plan, invitations to send, events to attend, workshops to learn from, connections to be made, reporters to contact, bloggers to follow, videos to script and so much more--for a single moment, just take a deep breath and remember the optimism and vision that started you on this whole journey and the personal legacy your written words leave behind.

And once you remember why you started on this path, feel free to jump back on the 'to do' list that brought you here. Good luck!


  1. Thanks for hitting the "pause" button. It IS nice just to sit and remember uninhibited. The deep cleansing breaths? Wonderful. The warm sun? So very nice! Do I have to go back to the 'to do' list?

  2. I took a brief walk outside and let the sun refresh me before returning to the hot kitchen to bake my way through this day! :)