Monday, March 22, 2010

This Week's Signings

It must be Spring. Not only is Joy Bossi selling stores out of her gardening book, but authors are venturing from their homes and mingling with the public in record numbers. Next week Malcolm Leal will be touring along the Seagull Books along the Wasatch Front. It also may be the reason Rachael Renee Anderson's brightly colored "Divinely Designed" was the bestselling CFI fiction title last week. People are ready for color and life and reading books that encourage them to get out into the world and live a little!

Indeed, it's the perfect time to be active. And if you don't know how to get the ball rolling, go visit one of these authors at their signings and ask them how they get the ball rolling.

Happy Monday!

23-Mar 11-4 pm Mike McPheters Costco
23-Mar 11:30-1 Michael Young UVU Bookstore
24-Mar 11-4 pm Mike McPheters Costco
25-Mar 11-4 pm Mike McPheters Costco
25-Mar 11-2 pm Joy Bossi Costco
26-Mar 11-4 pm Mike McPheters Costco
27-Mar 10-2 pm Mike McPheters St. George Seagull
27-Mar 12-2 pm David Ridges Sp. Fork Seagull
27-Mar 12-2 pm Malcolm Leal American Fork Seagull
27-Mar 10-2 pm Racheal Renee Anderson Sp. Fork Seagull
27-Mar 12-2 pm Diana Webb Murray-B&N
27-Mar 12-2 pm Craig Manning Murray-B&N
27-Mar 12-2 pm Wendy Paul Murray-B&N
27-Mar 12-2 pm Rachael Renee Anderson Spanish Fork-DB
27-Mar 2:30-4:30 Rachelle Christensen Spanish Fork-DB
27-Mar 1-3 pm Frank Cole S. Towne-B&N
27-Mar 12-4 pm Mike McPheters Costco